catalyse your life

A 3 week Intensive in Whangarei in March / April 2020
About The School

Cost: $450
Dates: 30th of March 2020 – 17th April 2020
Days and time: Monday to Friday (except Easter Friday) 9am – 4pm

Our Mission

Equipping a generation to live like Jesus

Bethel NZ’s Kingdom Life School (KLS) is founded on and dedicated to the reality that God is wildly in love with people, gave Himself for them, and has given His sons and daughters power and grace to bring individuals, cities, and nations into their true identity and heavenly calling.

From every walk of life

Our school is open to students from other Churches, Cities, and nations and from all backgrounds and ages (ages 17 and up). The students we accept do not need to be perfect or have everything “all together”.

Our Environment

Learning from the inside out

KLS is a Holy Spirit driven school where students from all ages and walks of life are invited to learn how to live in, and extend the borders of the Kingdom of God through the love, power, and grace of God.
The Curriculum

Catalyse your life

We've carefully crafted a practical and empowering school, covering three core topics: the nature of God and your identity as a child of God, the Kingdom of God, and living in heavenly community.
The Team
The Team

Learn from...

Matt Lansdowne (Director & Teacher)
Andy Piggott (Teacher)
Liz Van der kaap (School Dean)
Peter Mattis
BSSM Missions team
And more...

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